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Bridge Renovation Finencing

The link below highlights several deals where Mansfield has invested capital and/or acted as a Principal on several opportunities. In 2018-19, we partnered with a LA based developer buying urban multi family sites (to entitle) and potentially build. The equity needed was between $500,000- $3,000,000— which often is below the aims of equity/family office funds.

Further, Mansfield has also raised private debt/ preferred equity on select deals that appear opportunistic (due to timing or returns). We syndicated a $2,500,000 preferred equity slug on a value add retail opportunity in Denver and a $800,000 2nd trust on a residential portfolio.

In 2018, we saw an opportunity to raise $4m of equity on a $14,000,000 multifamily portfolio in Virginia. We underwrote the project over a 2x equity multiple – and located a family office who appreciated a tertiary value add deal in this sector. We invested alongside the syndicate and remained involved on asset management.

The more we Do the more we Know… giving us the flexibility / speed to react to our clients needs.